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Frank Sousa - 2005

11/15/2019 3:32 PM | Anonymous

Frank and Linda Sousa’s contributions to Kerries are evident in the results of their breeding program. As Carl Ashby put it, “If you review the record books you will find their success in the ring across the board under many different judges, the test of a truly consistent, quality program”. Applying both analytical science and an innate ability to project results of a breeding, Frank bred many outstanding Kerries. I submit however, the foremost quality possessed by both Frank and Linda is a generosity of spirit and willingness to mentor in every way possible newcomers to the breed or for that matter, anyone who requested help.

Based on Frank’s recommendation we purchased our first Kerry, not of Frank’s breeding but one he felt had an excellent pedigree and potential. Not only did he and Linda invest considerable time and effort in teaching us the dynamics of the breed but Frank made sure Don Wilde knew of O’Connell’s progress and quality, not trusting me to properly communicate the information! You’ve heard of people who give 110%, Frank gave 150%! He could never do enough to help improve the breed. Unfortunately Frank had numerous health related problems which severely impacted his quality of life. I never heard him complain. If asked how he was doing, the standard reply was “Oh, ok.”

Frank and Linda donated a trophy to the USKBTC in Ray Perry’s memory. It was redesigned, at Frank’s urging, to improve its durability. If I didn’t call him with an update on the status of the work, he called me. I will never forget the smile on his face when the trophy was placed in his lap at Montgomery.

We will miss him; he was a great dog man and a true friend.

Dedication written by Tom Rogers, which appeared in the USKBTC National Specialty Show section of the 2005 Montgomery County Kennel Club catalog. 


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