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The United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club is proud of its member community and breeders.  USKBTC members subscribe to our Code of Ethics which states puppies should not be placed younger than 10 weeks and preferably 12 weeks of age.  You are urged to "do your homework" and discuss with the breeder any questions you may have about Kerry Blues.  The goal of the USKBTC and our breeders is the life time placement of Kerry Blues.  USKBTC members are responsible for the content of their listings.  

Attention Breeders: 

In order to minimize posting errors we do not accept "handwritten" input.  You may send an email with all the information included in the instructions below in the proper format and we will post from that email.  In order to input into a .doc file, you may have to download it and open directly in Word.  Your browser will give you option if it opens in your browser. 

(To list a litter, click Litter Listing Instructions (pdf) or Litter Listing Instructions (.doc))

What follows is a listing of Kerry Blue puppies available from members of the USKBTC. All our breeders subscribe to the USKBTC Code of Ethics and are responsible for the content of their listing.


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