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Obedience Results Montgomery 04 Weekend

The obedience results below were compiled by Jane Eno. Thanks Jane!

High In Trial with a score of 196 out of 200
Wedgewood BlueBelle of the Snow CD (Carol Oddi/Wert)

High Combined with a combined score of 390 out of 400
Primrose Jessie James UD (Jane Eno)

Novice B had tough competition with the placements just two points apart. Great scores!!!

196 1st place
Wedgewood BlueBelle of the Snow CD (Carol Oddi/Wert)

194 2nd place
CH Casey’s Rae of Sunshine (Lisa Franklin) — new title!

192 3rd place
Gaylic Saxony I Am I Said (Gay Stahley)

184 4th place
Paxon’s Belle of the Ball (Karen Sofield)

Dalton’s Royal Serenade (Karen Sofield) near miss! Great run.

Open A proved to be one of the heart break classes again. Nicole Carfora’s CH Rathangan’s Hidden Treasure CD missed a leg by only one exercise when her dog did a beautiful retrieve over the high jump, only without the dumbell.

Eric Shannon’s Duressa Cross the Rubicon CD made her debut in Open with a great run and another near-miss. These are both kerries to watch in obedience for the future — attitude, drive, and control.

Open B also proved a challenge, as always
. 195 1st place
Primrose Jessie James UD (Jane Eno)

Evelyn Gansfuss’s Tantara’s Cosmic Phoenix UD and Virginia Barishek’s Garryowen’s Smarty Pants CDX NA also had great runs and near misses.

Utility A proved to be the ultimate heart break class. Not a single terrier from all the breeds qualified. That’s pretty typical though.

Virginia Barishek’s Garryowen’s Smarty Pants CDX NA (love that name!) was so close — he looked away just as Virginia gave the come signal. You could hear the collective groan from the crowd.

Eve Fishell’s Tantara’s Honky Tonk Girl CDX MX MXJ, who I think wanted to just get back to the fun of agility, did pick up a leg either.

Utility B
195 1st place
Primrose Jessie James UD (Jane Eno) 3rd UDX leg

Tantara’s Cosmic Phoenix UD (Evelyn Gansfuss) also put in a great try.

184.5 1st place
Finbar’s End of the Rainbow (Virginia Barishek) — great job for this sweet little rescue boy.

141 2nd place
Blue Moon’s Badger Buster (Victoria Kniering) also a great job for this young dog.

Finally — the best for last.
176.5 Wedgewood Blue Max UDX NA Carol Oddi/Wert
— what can you say about this dog. He just keeps going in there and working his heart out. So nice to see Max in the ring again. He looked so happy and confident.

Jane Eno


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