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Health Links & Resources

The USKBTC makes no claims for the validity of the information supplied at the links below, nor should this list be considered an endorsement of an institution, individual or service. This information should not be used in lieu of a consultation with your veterinarian.

It is always recommended that you check with your veterinarian for all questions concerning the health of your dog.

(Special “thank you” to Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine for many of the links supplied below.)

Animal Behavior Clinic, Cornell University Hospital for Animals
Provides checklists useful for identifying behavior problems in cats, dogs and horses.

The Behavior Clinic, Tufts, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine

Current Research at Penn Veterinary Medicine

Produced by the U.S. National Library of Medicine in Bethesda, Maryland, this extensive database includes over 16 million citations to journal article citations back to the 1950s.  - – - Hints for using PubMed:(Supplied by Cornell) While the PubMed interface is relatively easy to use, we recommend that you go through the training tutorial if you are having difficulty or would like to increase your searching skills. Click “Tutorial “ on the left sidebar on the PubMed home page. Simply enter one or more keywords, such as “diabetes therapy dogs” [without quote marks], and click Go. Review the list of citations. Click the authors’ name line to see an abstract if it is available. Some examples of possible searches are: diabetes therapy dogs; feline infectious peritonitis diagnosis cats; lameness surgery horse

Small breed Health Problems
A general brief  description of some common  health problems possible in a variety of breeds.

Diagnostic Databases

Consultant, Cornell’s Veterinary Diagnostic Database
This database is designed to link over 500 clinical signs and symptoms to nearly 7,000 possible diagnoses or disease conditions. Thus, it can help you find summary information about animal diseases.  - – -Hints for using Consultant: For a known disease or condition, click “Search by Diagnosis”. Then choose the “Species” from the pull-down menu, and enter one or more disease terms. From there, click on your choice of diagnosis to see a brief description of the disease, its clinical signs, species affected, and some recent journal article citations and/or web page links of potential interest. For identifying possible diseases with one or more clinical signs, click “Search by Signs”. Then, choose the “Species” from the pull-down menu, and enter the first clinical sign, such as “vomiting”. Additional clinical signs can be added before searching the database to obtain a list of diagnoses exhibiting those particular signs.

Copies of the cited articles can be ordered through the Veterinary Library’s VetAccess service.

Diseases, Conditions & Treatments

Canine Epilepsy Resource Center

Canine Health Foundation (American Kennel Club)
Lists ongoing research projects on canine diseases.

Care for Animals (American Veterinary Medical Assoc.)

American Animal Hospital Association  

Features of this site include: Locate an accredited animal hospital near you, find answers to your pet health questions via their Pet Care Library, or their FAQ link, and browse their recommended reading list.

Merck Veterinary Manual Online
Comprehensive electronic reference for animal care information, which includes over 12,000 indexed topics and over 1200 illustrations.

Pet Education (Doctors Foster & Smith)
Contains articles on pet healthcare.

Pet Health Topics, Washington State University. College of Veterinary Medicine
Topics related to dog and cat health are arranged into 4 major categories-Procedures, Common Problems, Diseases and Miscellaneous Health Care Topics.
It features over 5,000 articles in “libraries” on dogs, cats, fish, small mammals, reptiles, birds and horses.

Maintained by veterinarians, this site has health news and information about behavior, health, diseases, and drugs related to dogs, cats, birds, horses, and other pets. It also covers commonly ised veterinary durgs and pharmaceuticals.

Finding Veterinarians & Clinics

AltVetWeb: Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Provides lists of veterinarians who practice various forms of complementary and alternative medicine therapy.

American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine
Click on “Find an AVIM Specialist.”

American College of Veterinary Surgeons
Click on “Find a surgeon.”

American Animal Hospital Association
Includes “How to locate an accredited animal hospital near you.”

VetQuest: Veterinary search & referral service
Includes over 25,000 veterinary hospitals and clinics in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

Integrative Medicine

AltVetWeb: Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Contains information about alternative and complementary therapies. Also provides lists of veterinarians who practice various forms of integrative medicine.

Whole Pet Vet: A Guide to Holistically Treating Your Pets
Provides information about acupuncture, gold bead therapy, chiropractic, diet & nutrition and herbal medicine.


Ohio University Veterinary Hospital.
Nutrition Support Service
Pet nutrition advice and homemade diets from veterinary nutritionists.


Merck Veterinary Manual Online
Information about diagnosis and treatment of various types and locations of cancer (neoplasms, neoplasia) in different species is interspersed throughout this manual. Check the index for details.

Toxicology & Poisoning

Cornell University Poisonous Plants Home Page National Animal Poison Control Center

Zoonoses (Diseases transmitted between humans and animals)

MEDLINEplus Health Information: Pets and Pet Health

Healthy Pets Healthy People
The National Center for Infectious Diseases at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides useful information about important diseases people can get from animals with lists by disease and animal species.

Merck Veterinary Manual Online
Look under the heading of “Zoonoses.”

Zoonotic Diseases Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC),University of California, Santa Barbara
Provides guidelines for preventing disease transmission in animal facilities.

General Links

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How to Modify Your Home for an Elderly Pet

When to Call the Vet - Symptoms to Look Out For

How to Keep Pets Safe in the Cold Weather

The Guide to Pet Bereavement: What to Expect After the Loss of a Loved One

Types of Assistance Dogs

Recovering Together: The Benefits of Adopting a Companion Animal While in Addiction Recovery

Successfully Adopting a Rescue Dog

Introducing a New Dog to Your Current Dog

General links forwarded by Jennifer McGregoht



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