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Register of Merit-Retro Pin Application

12/09/2023 2:57 PM | Web Team (Administrator)

For many years the USKBTC has recognized sire and dams who have significantly contributed to the breed through their offspring.  The current criterion from our website is below:

USKBTC Register of Merit Sire or Dam

The title Register of Merit (ROM) shall be awarded annually to the sire that has produced five AKC Champions or four AKC Champions and a fifth AKC titled get or to a dam that has produced three AKC Champions or two AKC Champions and a third AKC titled get.

For those sires and dams who have made an outstanding contribution to the breed will receive special recognition (including a lapel pin*).  The requirements for recognition are:

                Bronze ROM Sire of 5 AKC Champions or Dam 3 AKC Champions

Silver ROM Sire of 25 AKC titled get or the Dam of 10 AKC titled get

Gold ROM Sire of 40 AKC titled get or the Dam of 15 AKC titled get

The ROM recognition is bestowed at the USKBTC Annual Dinner during our National Specialty weekend at Montgomery County Kennel Club.  Only current USKBTC members in good standing are eligible for this recognition.

*For clarity there are three unique pins for Bronze, Silver, and Gold


The Board of Governors accepted a proposal from David Poynter to create a Celtic knot pin to be awarded in addition to the recognition certificate currently awarded.  This pin, in addition to the recognition certificate, will more publicly recognize the accomplishments of our breeders and will be proudly displayed on their lapel.


The USKBTC Board of Governors is providing the opportunity for member/owners of previous Register of Merit Kerry Blues to apply to receive one pin in recognition of their accomplishment.  The pin will be for the highest level one of the owners Kerry Blue achieved.  Past recipients will be given one pin regardless of the number of ROM Kerry Blues the member has bred/owned.  There may be an opportunity in the future to purchase additional pins for member ROM Kerry Blues 

Beginning with the awards presented at Montgomery County 2024 each new ROM Kerry recognition will include a pin for the level achieved.

The application to apply for the retro ROM pin is at United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club, Inc. - RETRO REGISTER OF MERIT PIN APPLICATION (   The information provided will be verified against the USKBTC Pedigree Database.  If there is a problem with verification a club representative will contact the applicant.  You MUST be a member in good standing to apply for the pin.  You MUST log into the website to complete the application.  The following is the process to provide an opportunity for past recipients to receive a pin appropriate to the level of achievement for sire or dam.

1)    The owner completes the form in the Event Section of the website providing all the information requested.  Click United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club, Inc. - RETRO REGISTER OF MERIT PIN APPLICATION (

2)    Past awardees must complete the application no later than April 21, 2024 for recognition during the Challenge of Champions at KerryFest. 

3)    Pins will be presented at KerryFest Challenge of Champions to those present, at the Montgomery County dinner, and then the remaining pins will be mailed.

4)    Once the window closes on April 21, 2024, no more retroactive pins will be awarded.


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