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Clubs Unite in 1938

08/20/2003 5:54 PM | Anonymous

Why is the club called the USKBTC and not the KBTC of America? Well, if you read the article below printed in 1938, you will discover the reason.
(Original article courtesy of the Anne Katona Collection)

Most Kerry blue terrier owners have probably already received notice of what was, in effect, a merger of the two Kerry clubs. However, so that it maybe published for all who may have missed it, the following sums up the story: At a meeting of its members held July 14, the Kerry Blue Terrier Club of America elected a new board of directors consisting of the following twelve members: Orrin H. Baker, Mrs. H.W. Closson, Wilton D. Cole, William L. Day,William T. Hamilton, Dr. Willard H. Hutchings, Mrs. Willard Van Inwegen, Mrs.C.H. Jackson, Jr., John Mulcahy, Henry 0. Pattison,Jr., John Powers, and Mrs.W. F. Reeves.

A resolution was passed granting full membership to all present members of the United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club who may wish to join. There thus becomes but one national Kerry club.

New by-laws were adopted for the Kerry Blue Terrier Club of America. These bylaws follow the pattern approved by theA.K.C. In classes of membership they are the same as those of the United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club. All members will be furnished with a copy of these by-laws at the earliest possible moment.

The board of directors then elected the following officers to serve for 1938-1939:
President, Orrin H. Baker; Vice-Presidents, Mrs. C. H. Jackson, Jr., William T. Hamilton, Mrs. Willard Van Inwegen, Mrs. Elizabeth Krutzke, Mrs. Cyrus B. More, Edwin Sayres, Sr., Dr. Edward R. Cunniffee; Treasurer, Wilton D. Cole; Secretary, Henry 0. Pattison, Jr.; and Candidate for delegate to A.K.C., William L. Day.

Because the United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club had an investment of $350 to $400 worth of medal dies, engravings and plates which would otherwise have had to be lost, it was unanimously decided to change the name of the Club to United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club, Inc. This is the name that the unified club will function under.

At the conclusion of these negotiations the corporate structure of the old United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club will be dissolved.

It has been officially decided that the Club again joins the combined Terrier Specialty Shows to be held during February, 1939, in New York. Many years have elapsed since Kerries were benched in these events which are held each year on the day before Westminster. Negotiations are now on and Kerry owners will be advised of the full plans as soon as they are finished.

Another Club activity which has been decided on and is now under way is the publication of a handbook. As now visualized, this book will contain the constitution and by-laws of the Club, a copy of the standard, lists of the officers and directors, and a complete directory of all members. The handbook will be published yearly, each member receiving a copy.

Kerry entries at the shows seem to be maintaining their rising curve. At Skytop, 30 Kerries were shown under B. E. Watson. This was a large increase over last year. Bumble Bee of Delwyn was awarded best of breed, just nosing out Blue KingII. Lysnalia Emburken, of Morris and Essex fame, came down from Canada to take winners dogs, thus completing his championship in three shows, understand.

Orrin H. Baker of Chicago has been selected to judge Kerries at Westminster next February. This should result in a record entry for the Garden. Add the fact that Kerries will be in the Terrier Specialty Shows on the day preceding the Garden, and you have all the ingredients for as big a Kerry time as anyone could want. Let’s go to New York in February.
—Henry 0. Pattison Jr., Secretory, 420 Lexington Ave., New York City.


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