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A new one-page website costs $100. This includes three graphics per page, including your logo. Each additional page of a website costs $100. Yearly renewal of your website is just $35 a year, regardless of the number of pages on your site.

A minor update to your website, which would include a change of your address, email, telephone number or name is $10. A major change to a current website, which would include a change of pictures and text, is $25 per page. Extra graphics are $15 each.

Once you place your order (see below), send via email attachments, all the information that you want placed on your site. Each page will have a maximum of 3 images (which includes your logo). The images should be sent in gif or jpg format as an email attachment. Images will be resized to fit the page. Text should be saved as a txt file and sent via an email attachment to the Website Editor. The body of the email message should contain instructions.

You can submit payment for your new website or renew your current website on-line through PayPal. (See below.) You can also send a check made out to the USKBTC to Carl Ashby, USKBTC Treasurer, 102 Manchester Place,Greensboro, NC 27410. Please write “Website” on your check.

Suggestions for content include:
Your champions
Kennel name
Contact information
Puppies available

Date of birth
Full name and titles of sire and dam
Pre-breeding health tests performed on sire and dam
Full name and titles of dam and sire
Number of male puppies
Number of female puppies
Date litter will be available for purchase
Comments about the litter

Upcoming litters
Grooming services
Ear pasting services
Handling services
Stud dog services
Show results
Your policies
Download forms such as contracts

Web Site Development: Please choose a 1, 2, 3 or 4-page website

Important Note: Customers who placed orders for website development offline (not on this site, those of you who sent in checks for payment etc), will not auto-renew their subscriptions. If you have placed your order offline and it is time for you to renew your subscription, please use the renewal buttons below. Once you renew your subscription via this site, you will be automatically renewed after one year.

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