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We are now accepting donations online via PayPal (see below). Your donation may be tax-deductible, check with your tax advisor for details. PayPal is the leading supplier of person-to-person and person-to-organization transactions on the internet. Your transaction will be secure. To make a donation, simply click the appropriate “Donate” button below. You will be taken to the PayPal website to complete your donation. For a donation of $25 or more, your name will be listed in Blueprints, our USKBTC Publication. All monies go directly to the fund(s) of your choice — Rescue, Futurity, Montgomery Trophies, Traveling Specialty Trophy, and/orĀ Charitable Funds to pay for expenses.

The United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club Charitable Funds, Inc. provides resources in the areas of education, health and genetic research, and rescue of the Kerry Blue Terrier. The Funds are under the stewardship of a Board of Directors and are formally affiliated with and monitored by the USKBTC Board of Governors through interlocking boards. This provides both accountability and permanency.

The Funds are professionally managed and, when fully operational in early 2003, will provide for directed grants, endowments, and planned giving. The Funds will be eligible for matching grants by a contributor’s employer where an employer plan so provides. Contributions to the Funds will be tax-deductible and contribution receipts will be issued.

The intent of the Charitable Funds is to provide in perpetuity a safe and secure method for lovers of the Kerry Blue Terrier to support the advancement and well-being of the breed. The Funds will work closely with the chapter clubs, the American Kennel Club, the Canine Health Foundation, and others who might assist in furthering the goals of the Funds.

Members and other interested parties will be kept abreast of the Funds status. You will be able to access more information about the Charitable Funds here. Please contact Carl Ashby or Linda Pheasant with any questions or suggestions regarding the Funds.

This work can only be done through generous donations of Kerry lovers. Thank you for contributing to a worthy cause.

Donations: Please choose the fund you would like to contribute to:

General USKBTC Funds
Montgomery Trophies
Traveling Specialty Trophies
Charitable Funds
Health & Genetics
Roger Macha Memorial
Hank Friscone Memorial
Frank Sousa Memorial Fund
Edith Izant (Townshend) Memorial
KBT Hurricane Relief Fund
Charlotte Hart Memorial
Fred Morgan Memorial
Mrs. Walter Fleisher H&G Memorial Fund

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