Silent Auction for CF

Silent Auction to Benefit Charitable Funds

The United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club will be holding a silent auction at the upcoming Montgomery dinner meeting, Friday, October 5, 2007. The family of Dorothy and Paul Tilsworth has generously given all of their Kerry memorabilia to the Club’s Charitable Funds for the purpose of raising money to benefit the Tilsworth Memorial Fund. All these items being auctioned off at dinner will be earmarked for the Tilsworth account in Charitable Funds.

There will be a number of Kerry items offered for this silent auction. As usual, those present at dinner will be able to bid with a silent bid. For those Kerry enthusiasts who won’t be able to attend the dinner auction, we are accepting sealed bids by mail for each item. At the end of the evening’s dinner events the final highest “in person silent bid” will be determined and will be compared to the highest “mailed-in sealed bid.” (For example, if the in-person highest ending bid is $200, we will then open all mailed-in sealed bids for that item. After opening all the sealed bids, the highest sealed bid over $200 will be the winner.)

To view the items available, please check the Silent Auction.

Don’t forget to get your bids to me by Septemper 29, 2007 in a double sealed envelope with the item listed on the outside and your maximum bid enclosed. If you have any questions, please contact Barb Beuter or phone 513/8636230.

We will accept all sealed bids received by September 29, 2007. Please send them to Barbara Beuter, 2458 Eastridge Dr., Hamilton, Ohio 45011. Happy bidding!

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