Charitable Funds Update

The United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club Charitable Funds, Inc. was established in September of 2002.   The goal of the USKBTC Charitable Funds (a 501c3 charitable organization and therefore contributions are tax exempt) is to provide, in perpetuity, a safe, secure means for breeders, exhibitors, owners, and friends to contribute financial support for education, health and genetic research, and rescue efforts for Kerry Blue Terriers.

The Charitable Funds is independent of the USKBTC Board of Governors, but linked to our governing board through interlocking directorates.  This arrangement assures that the Charitable Funds will be a permanent giving option to the Kerry fancy, but will be buffered from the ebb and flow of fancier personalities and politics.

The Board of Directors of the Funds has established four funds directed to the betterment of the Kerry Blue Terrier. These funds are:

1)Rescue Fund – this fund supports grants used to provide Kerry Blue Terrier rescue services.

2)Health and Genetics Fund – this fund makes grants in support of research in areas of health and genetics of particular importance to the Kerry Blue Terrier.

3)Education Fund – the education fund supports education of all those interested in the Kerry Blue Terrier including publications, websites, and seminars.

4)General Fund – donations to this fund are used to support the work of the other funds through internal grants to those funds. Undesignated gifts will initially be held in this fund.

In addition to the four permanent funds , two memorial funds have been established in memory of Kerry fanciers…one in memory of Hank Friscone and the Machaven Memorial Fund in memory of Dr. Roger Macha.

The Board of Directors is planning a significant fund drive and will be seeking the support of Kerry Blue fanciers worldwide to support the important work of furthering the health and well being of the Kerry Blue Terrier.

The Board urges you to volunteer to help with fund raising, as well as making a contribution yourself. There are a number of ways to give and any donations would be appreciated. If you have a question, a Board member will be happy to work with you.

The members of the Board of Directors named in 2016 Tom Waters(Chirman), Linda Pheasant(Treasurer).Julee Manahan(Gov.).NickFfletche(Gov),.Jean Waters(Gov). Carl Ashby(Hon. Advisor),Tom Rogers,Hon. Advisor(Gov). BarbBeuter(Hon.Advisor.). Check for email addresses and phone numbers.

Visit Charitable Funds on the USKBTC Website. Click on the Charitable Funds banner on the home page and you will be taken to more information. For your convenience, you can contribute to specific funds, on the website through a special Paypal account. Just click on “Donation” listed on the home page of the USKBTC website, and it will take you to a choice of donation categories. The specific link is

Important Note:
Members of the USKBTC and other friends of the breed should know that there is no connection between the Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation, a Foundation established by John Van den Bergh, and the United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club and/or the United States Kerry Blue Club Charitable Funds, Inc., nor is the Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation endorsed or supported by the USKBTC.

Donations and/or bequests to any charitable organization should not be made without considerable research into the entity to which the donation is going to be made.

Richard Bassler

Last Updated: 8/16/2015