New KB History Website

The USKBTC has a new website with hundreds of pictures from historic Kerry collections going back more than 60 plus years and see old pictures, pedigrees snd owners and handlers from long ago.  We thank all the people who passed on their collections to the club and to Bob & Barbara Beuter who worked for many years organizing all the material into this website.  Great hardworking volunteers help make the USKBTC a continuing vital organization for our breed and its owners. Thank you all.


Montgomery National Specialty judge, William J McFadden, was kind enough to write a critique of the event and has given us permission to post it.






October 11, 2016

John Garahan

United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club

Specialty Coordinator


Dear United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club,


To say I was thrilled to be invited to judge the Kerry National would be an understatement! For some reason this  breed has been woven into the fabric of my life and I can’t imagine where I would be without it or the people and friendships that I have accumulated along the way.


I may have been the only person that was happy with the light rain that greeted us Sunday morning buts it is my favorite weather to show Kerry’s in and I took it as a good omen as I began my assignment.


I was pleasantly surprised that we had no absentee’s in the classes and only three in the Specials ring. Having a full complement makes it more fun to sort through and more likely that I would find dogs I liked.


I was really happy to see for the most part good color in all shades of blue-grey, beautiful bites with full dentition and large teeth and good feet. I was also happy generally with the size being within acceptable range.


My WD Torum’s Calico Jack at Irisblu was a beautifully coated dog, with a hard muscled body and an up on his toes demeanor. He had a handsome head and lovely ears and eye. He more than asked for the win.


Reserve was a young dog from the Bred By Exhibitor Class Lughnasa’s Court Jester. He was also lovely coated and was a very nice mover.


WB BW BOS Cross the Rubicon Hummingbird was a knockout from the Bred By Exhibitor class. She had the most beautiful silver-blue coat with dark points. a beautiful outline, gorgeous head and ears and she most definitely wanted to be there. Her movement once she settled down was very good and  I truly loved her. Perfect size, she made my day!! Reserve was from the 15-18 class Tontine’ s American Brit. She caught my eye immediately with her beautiful head and classic outline. We had to work through some handling/moving exercises but I feel she has a bright future and with some training will have many good wins.


The Specials class was such a site and caused me to get a little choked up. It was truly an honor and I appreciated the time, talent and expense to bring that many dogs to show to me!


It was a lot to sort through and once I had gone through both sexes and made my initial cuts I realized I didn’t have a winner in my head. So I thought about it for a second and I realized there was a dog that was so correct and fit and every time I glanced around the ring I was aware of him .He was shown by some one that I vaguely recognized but would not have been able to come up with her name had I tried. He was shown in such a quietly perfect way that I appreciated very much.


After moving each dog again I realized that I had four dogs that were really in contention 2 lovely dogs and 2 gorgeous bitches.


I will say that I did consider giving my Winners Bitch the Breed I like her that much but in the end went with My Breed Winner GGHS Krisma’s Xman First Class followed by BW and BOS to the WB Cross the Rubicon Hummingbird


My Select Dog also so very handsome and shown perfectly was GCH Goodspice Brody Knight


My Select Bitch was another beauty that turns out is litter sister to the WB her name GCH Cross the Rubicon Hex Breaker.


These four were truly first class and I am so happy to have had this quality to work with.


My Awards of Merit were


Ch Melbee’s Main Event Dog

GCH Bluebeard’s Barnum Dog

Torum’s Calico Jack at Irisblu (Winners Dog)

Ch Irisblu Boston Rose at Torum Bitch

GCH Saredon Shock Waves of Irisblu (Veteran Bitch

One AOM was missing.- )GCh Krisma-Beltane’s Whistlin’ Dixie   Bitch


There were several more that I really liked and just did not have the ribbons for.


I also want to mention the Veteran dog winner that was in such beautiful condition physically, mentally and coat wise Ch Echo of Aran Cross the Rubicon i really appreciated seeing him looking so fit at 11 1/2.


Thank you all for such an important day for me! It was pure joy the entire day!!


Also thank you to my Stewards who were so easy to work with Lisa Kunze an JoAnne M Buehler. I very much appreciate you keeping me organized.



Bill McFadden



Sincerely yours,



Urna Semper


his message was first posted on the uskb-list@uskb.tcom Octoner15 by Janie MacBryde

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USKBTC By-Laws and Ballot Process

Dear United States Kerry Blue Terrier members,


There have been a number of comments recently on the USKBTC Facebook page regarding the By-Laws change and ballot process. I would like to explain the procedures that took place to arrive at where we currently are.


The Board appointed 5 current members as a By-Law committee to determine updates to our current by-laws. The members were Stephanie Clark, Melanie Feldges, Carl Ashby, John Garahan and Janie MacBryde.  The committee met a number of times and corresponded by e-mail.  The changes were documented.  The committee members voted to pass these recommendations to the Board for approval.  If the Board approved the recommendations this meant that they would be sent to the AKC for AKC approval and then sent to the full membership for their vote.  The AKC approved the wording and advised that we could move this onto the membership for a vote.


A simple ballot form, yes or no, was designed since the vote was all or none. There wasn’t a line item veto offered.  The AKC has stated that if there is a linkage between items, in this case the reduction of Board members and the elimination of term limits, then the items cannot be decoupled.  Looking at the membership list most family memberships have two members with very few having three.  No one was greater than three so the ballot was designed for one, two or three people.  I produced labels, return envelopes, copies of the by-laws and a sheet outlining the major changes to the by-laws for 295 memberships.  This was mailed to the current membership list.


We have currently received 75 returned envelopes of which 55 have been opened awaiting the count. This past weekend, Bonnie Whelehan, Laura King and Ellen Hinds stepped up and volunteered to count the ballots before the general meeting which is held prior to the annual dinner.  No additional envelopes will be opened without supervision.


There were a number of comments this weekend regarding “trust” issues. One set of comments questioned if the ballots should have been sent to the home of the Corresponding Secretary, John Garahan, since he had a vested interest in the passing of the term limits change.  Another trust issue was whether John Garahan should count the votes since he had a vested interest in the term limits.  As you see from the prior paragraph, that should not be an issue any longer.


I will also address this issue in another way. I am removing my name from the slate of incoming Board members for 2016.  Last year I accepted the Board position for one year because Bill Kearney resigned.  I took over the Corresponding Secretary position from Bill as well.  I have not had my one full year off the Board of Governors.  Dropping my name will provide me at least one year off the Board according to current by-laws.  If the Nominating Committee wishes me to consider a Board position, I will next year.  Remember, no one put their name forward to have their name placed on the ballot for a Board position so my acceptance of being considered for the Board again this year was moot.  This past weekend, Elaine Randall and Sharon Burnett mentioned that they were not contacted to run.  As I said, any member in good standing could follow the procedures in the Constitution to have their name placed on the ballot for a vote.  No one did.  The current Board can now consider these two names or anyone else interested in the opening.


This in no way precludes me from volunteering to help with the website or the Pedigree database.  I will continue to volunteer to have the perpetual trophies engraved.  I also volunteer to move the perpetual trophies to a new storage facility near the Montgomery site.  I do not wish to volunteer  to pick up or return the perpetual trophies to said storage this year.  I will hand over the keys to another Board member prior to the Board meeting.  Dropping my name for consideration from the Board also in no way precludes my wife, Kathy, from volunteering to help with the annual dinner and the website.  There should not be any trust issues with these roles.  If there is, I will drop those items as well.  This past weekend there was a discussion about volunteering to help the club.  Several people said they were not “asked” to volunteer.  That is not how it works.  Now they have an opportunity.



John Garahan

Corresponding Secretary


Need a Mntor? Do you need to locate a mentor in your area?  Find out more about the breed, AKCshows, tperformance trials.  Contact Carol Kearney for a  mentor referral in your area by emailing

Nomination Announcement

United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club, Inc.

(Member of the American Kennel Club)

To:          Members of the United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club, Inc.

From:      John Garahan, Corresponding Secretary

Date:        May 13,2016

Re:          Nomination and Election – USKBTC Board of Governors (Board Terms for 2016-2019)

Five of the 15 seats on the USKBTC board of governors are elected each year. The nomination and election of board members is governed by Article IV, Section 4 of the USKBTC by-laws.

Nominating Committee’s Slate In accordance with the by-laws, the board of governors appointed a three-member committee with Linda Pheasant as the Chair  to nominate from among the eligible club members one candidate for each of the five board positions to be elected in 2016. The list also includes John Garahan who was asked to serve for one year in pace of Bill Kearney. Therefore there are six positions on the Board this year. Nominated by the committee for the six three-year terms commencing this October are, in alphabetical order:

Patti Campbell, (VA) Nick Fletcher, (TX) Nancy Han, (CA)
Heidi Cregar, (HI) John Garahan (NJ)  Jean Waters (MA)

Enclosed is a brief account of each nominee’s involvement with our breed, our club and other dog-related activities.

Patti Campbell

Heidi Cregor

Nancy Han

Jean Waters


Other Nominations The by-laws also provide that additional nominations of eligible members may be made by written petition addressed to,    and received by, the Corresponding Secretary on or before June 15, 2016. To be eligible, a member must be in good standing and a resident of the United States. Any other eligible member who wishes to be a candidate for the board of governors must submit a petition that:

  1. Is signed by three club members in good standing who are not the spouse or a member of the immediate family of the proposed nominee, and
  2. Contains the candidate’s written and signed acceptance of nomination. 8 Cider Mill Road, Annandale, New Jersey 08801 – on or before June 15, 2016. [By-Laws Article IV, §4(B).]


Duties and Responsibilities of Board Members


Serving on the board of governors presents a tremendous opportunity to work for our breed at the national level.The board’s duties are many and varied, including but not limited to the following:


.   Responsibility for the general management of the club’s affairs;

.  Chairing, coordinating and otherwise participating in various standing and special Committees;

.  Participating in Club business via the Internet on the USKBTC Governors List;

  • Being open and available to constituents within the Kerry community, and bringing issues and concerns to the full board for discussion; and
  • Representing the Club and the Kerry Blue Terrier to the highest standards when attending dog show events. If no valid additional nomination is received by the USKBTC Corresponding Secretary on or before June 15, 2016, the nominating committee’s slate will be declared elected in accordance with Article IV, §4(C) of the By-laws. If any additional valid nomination is received, an election will be conducted. Each club member who is eligible to vote will be sent a ballot listing all the nominees in alphabetical order, together with pre-addressed envelopes and instructions on how to mark and return the ballot. In order for a valid ballot to be counted, it must be received by the Corresponding Secretary on or before August 1, 2016. The ballots must be counted and the results of the election made known to the candidates no later than August 15, 2016. The five candidates receiving the highest numbers of votes will be declared elected. The five newly elected governors will take office at the annual board meeting in October, 2016. [By-laws Article IV, § 4(D).]
  • Election
  • Board members are not paid, and they travel to at least two board meetings a year at their own expense.

Questions?  Please contact me: JOHN GARAHAN, USKBTC Corresponding Secretary

Mail: 8 Cider Mill Road, Annandale, New Jersey 08801 ♣ E-mail: ♣ Tel: 1-908-730-8890

Publicize Your Event

Chapter Club Events for 2016

Is your club having a Kerry related event in 2016? Information on conformation shows, performance trials, match shows, educational seminars, meetings and community events all can be posted on the website.

Please send in your Kerry event information to the website editor for posting to the USKBTC website. Just use the easy “Contact Us” link on the top right of the page and send the information to the website staff editor.

Versitility Awards

USKBTC Versatility Award applications due August 31

Attention all USKBTC members! A quick reminder that I need to receive applications for Versatility Awards no later than Wedensday, August 31st, in order to prepare the certificates in time for them to be presented at the annual membership dinner in October.  You can find a copy of the current application form in Blueprints, or I will be happy to email a copy to anyone who needs it. I accept both snail mail and email applications. There are multiple levels of the Versatility Award, ranging from Bronze (approved titles in two different event categories), all the way to Blue Diamond (approved titles in all eight event categories).  Sound interesting? Your Kerry may already have met the requirements for a Bronze-level award or above! Since the emphasis on the VA is versatility, the minimum requirement for each category is a novice-level title; e.g., CD for obedience, RN for rally, RATN for Barn Hunt, etc.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Lisa Frankland USKBTC Versatility Award program chairman Albuquerque, NM