Fireworks Survival Tips

Fireworks Survival Tips for Your Kerry

If your Kerry is bothered by loud noises, like fireworks, there are a variety of helpful hints that might calm his/her fears.

  • Take your dog for a long walk in the late afternoon.
  • Give your dog a good long play period to tire him/her out a bit.
  • Feed your dog earlier in the day.
  • Do not take your dog to a fireworks display.
  • Leave your dog inside.
  • Crate your dog.
  • Leave the TV or radio on in the room with your dog. You want to try to muffle the sound of the fireworks.
  • Always make sure your Kerry is properly tagged, microchipped or tatooed. Should they bolt and run, they will be properly identified.
  • Give the dog some of his favorite toys.
  • Some people use a product called Rescue Remedy or Serene-UM to calm the dog. However, you should always check with your vet, before giving your dog any medication.

Last Updated: 06/24/2004, 3:19 pm